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Aug 14th, 2013
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Aug 14th, 2013
Get Your Prospects to Handle Their Own Objections

Sep 12th, 2013
A Proactive Sales Plan that Works

Oct 10th, 2013
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Nov 14th, 2013
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I came to Winfree wanting to increase our sales. Using the methods and techniques learned after 4 months in the program our monthly sales production had doubled. Using the skills learned from Ken, we have obtained larger and more profitable clients.
Aaron Leppo
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This was the first one where I was able to put the full Winfree Black Belt System in motion.  End result was phenomenal, but the whole process was what made the end result possible....Long story short, he came into the meeting saying he was interviewing 3 advisors, & by the end of the meeting he said his interests/goals/personal preference & my style were so closely aligned that he had already decided I was his guy-direct quote, "I really just feel that I can trust you and that you're going to do right by me, so I am choosing you."  I could see him almost closing himself as the meeting progressed, so I just let it happen.......Great way to start the weekend. 


Double Your Sales
Take the one minute survey and see if you are a fit for partner positions nation wide Are you or your sales team engaged in the level of activity that will yield results?  Are you tired of preparing proposals that becomes unpaid consulting? Would you like to eliminate "I want to think it over" from your prospect's vocabulary? Winfree Business Growth Advisors invites you to learn how our Sales Coaching can get you results - GUARANTEED Faster. 

Most Companies today have such a lean operation no coaching and mentoring or ongoing training exists.  Business Owner's are so busy with the business they do not develop strategic marketing or prospecting plans so a great deal of the time they spend on sales is unproductive. 




Most sales training programs fail for two reasons: The participants do not get help on their marketing and sales strategy or do not receive the level of coaching required to change behaviors.  This is where the Winfree program starts.
It does not matter how pumped up your salespeople get from attending seminars or how great the sales material and lessons are from training if they are not meeting with the right prospects, the right number of prospects or applying in the right way what they have learned.   At WBGA we work with you privately to develop the right strategy.  We make sure you have a strategic marketing plan, prospecting plan and know your formula for success before we begin any sales training or coaching.  We then work with you weekly in a combination of classroom and private (one-on-one) training and coaching. This is why we can guarantee success:

 We help you to overcome or change limiting beliefs

You know the behaviors required for success and we hold you accountable

Our Five Phases and 12 elements is a complete system that incorporates all the best ideas present today in sales and marketing. 

We help you develop relationships that will get you results.

We give you the metrics to determine the lead flow, level of activity, and behaviors are sufficient to exceed goals




Transition From Business Owner to CEO
As a business owner, there are three things you can run out of that can prevent you from getting to the next level:  time, money and people.  Many of our clients come to us with a desire to double or triple their sales.  On their way there they run out of time.  We will help you with choices on how you spend your time and make decisions on who and how to hire more people.  We will help you to budget your cash flow to make sure you can afford to hire and we will help you to set up coaching and mentoring programs to make sure you get the performance you expect.  We will help you to recruit and hire top producing salespeople as well as other key employees.  We are like the MBA you never received.  We are a school in Entrepreneurship but based on your business not some graduate school case study.  Our clients love the impact our program brings to the table.   Increase your earnings and bring value to the business for when your business is sold. Guaranteed!




"Mind of a Tiger"TM

Remember the last time you believed that you were in a fight for your survival. At Winfree Business Growth Advisors you achieve tangible results that increase your current sales levels two to three times their current levels - guaranteed!  You will actually receive a Black Belt based on your performance in the class and your results in business.  Accountability and discipline are keys to our success.  Are you satisfied in being average if so this is not a program for you.  Our system works the best in recession.  Since you have to fight to take market share.  Only the strong will survive.  Dr. Winfree talks about it as the "Mind of a Tiger"TM.



At Winfree,
we get
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I came into the program discouraged about sales and hoping Winfree could help us recruit a salesperson....After 3 months in the program our sales were up 30% and I had completely changed my attitude about sales. After 6 months we were up 60% and instead of recruiting for sales talent we were recruiting for people to help us take care of our new customers. I began to learn how to look at my business as a CEO instead of as a salesperson or a technician. After 9 months we were up 80% and in a much stronger position to be looking to add to our sales staff.
Chris O'Neill
Net Tel One Communications
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